Mainly 50-somethings within your company? 5 things to keep in mind

Do you have sufficient insight into the age structure of your company? Are there many young dogs on the payroll or are there many people in their fifties working?

The average age of employees is increasing in almost all Dutch companies. There is therefore a good chance that more people over 55 work in your company than a few years ago. The number of older workers on the Dutch labor market doubled between 2003 and 2020. In the meantime, 19 percent of all Dutch people with a paid job are over 55.

Raising the state pension age in particular ensures that the Dutch continue to work longer. It is therefore important to keep your employees vital and motivated. A few tips.

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1. Keep your employees fit, everyone

Employees who feel mentally and physically fit perform well and are demonstrably more productive. Healthy options for lunch are obvious. Also encourage employees to get enough exercise. But with a weekly bootcamp you mainly reach those who are already fit and sporty. So vary in your offer. A pedometer and tracking sleep hours can already lead to valuable insights

2. Don’t forget mental vitality

You want your employees to be flexible and agile. That is not obvious, because our brain is already under pressure. That’s what neuropsychologist Elke Geraerts says in her book Mental Capital. The many stimuli and the daily flow of information demand a lot from us. In crisis situations, such as a reorganization, we draw on our last bit of mental resilience. This leads to stress and sometimes burnout. The solution: make your brain stronger so that it can cope better with change.

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Useful tip from the book: ensure more focus. For example, give employees the opportunity to work concentrated for periods with as few external stimuli as possible. For example, in a quiet place in the office. As a result, the focus increases and the stress – in the long term – decreases.

3. Know what your 50+ employees need

Pay attention to the differences of employees in different age groups. In general terms: young employees are likely to experience stress at work due to the high demands they place on themselves. For people in their forties, the combination of work and private life causes work pressure. For people over the age of 50, physical work can become too heavy in the long run. Several employers are experimenting with job sharing. In that case, employees combine two jobs: an intensive one and a less intensive one. Think of a field service and office service function.

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As your workforce changes, so do your needs. For example, more and more is known about the health problems of employees between the ages of 45 and 60. In this phase of life, a certain percentage of their muscle tissue disappears, which can cause them to suffer more from their bones.Make it especially negotiable in the company, so that you can think along.

4. Give employees more control

Autonomy contributes to job satisfaction. Those who can take control of their own work, get more satisfaction from their work. So give employees responsibility. Not only in the work itself, but also in the way it is performed. More and more companies, for example, allow employees to organize their work schedules themselves.

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Also encourage employees who will retire within a few years to take more control. Fortunately, pension schemes offer more and more options for this. With many pension schemes, you yourself have influence on the moment you retire. For example, your employees can work longer, with a higher income for later as an additional advantage. Or – also interestingly – take a part-time pension.

5. Take advantage of the flexibility of the pension scheme

People are happier if they have insight into their financial situation now and in the future. Especially if they can influence it. It is therefore important to bring the pension accrual to the attention of your employees in good time. Activation in the workplace can work very well in this regard. The pension may be for ‘later’, the employee can already make decisions now. And also smart: as an employer, choose a pension scheme that offers a lot of flexibility at low costs.

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