Little focus? The problem is not with your telephone or disruptive colleagues, but with yourself – says focus expert Mark Tigchelaar

“We often think that our phone, calendar or other people are the biggest distraction, but that’s not the case,” explains Mark Tigchelaar in the Business Break Podcast. “The challenge is in your own head.”

Every episode, the neuropsychologist shares practical tips with entrepreneur Celine Charlotte van ‘t Wout in 20 minutes about the challenge of an entrepreneur or manager. This time that of Jeroen Eeuwijk of Koninklijke Van Twist, a customer of Vodafone Business and its Business Partner INTO Telecom & IT: ‘How do I ensure focus in a different work environment than my office?’

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“If you don’t have enough focus, you usually just have too many internal loops in your brain,” explains Tigchelaar. “Internal incentives. Your head is running over: ‘I still have to call them, have to get a carton of milk and I really can’t forget the diapers’. These are very innocent tasks that consume a lot of energy.”

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Fortunately, there are several techniques you can use to regain your focus. Do you want to know which one?

Listen below to the latest episode of the Business Break Podcast by Vodafone Business – the connector of flexible working in the Netherlands – and Business Insider.

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