LinkedIn gives all employees a week off to prevent burnouts and to recover from the pandemic

‘WhatsApp notifications are off’, reads the info line with one of the Dutch contacts at LinkedIn. It seems that the employees of the professional social medium are making the most of the week off that they have been given by their employer. Last week, LinkedIn announced that the majority of its 15,900 employees will be required to take time off between April 5 and 9. This decision is part of an initiative to prevent burnouts within the company and to give employees a break. A small core of LinkedIn employees continues to work to keep the platform running, but have an extra week of vacation credit to take later.

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Corona also cuts in at LinkedIn

LinkedIn made the decision to release the employees based on conclusions from a survey into their well-being. As with so many people, the corona pandemic has had quite an impact on the physical and mental health of LinkedIn employees.

“I think the weight of the pandemic has started to take its toll,” LinkedIn HR manager Teulia Hanson told CNN. But what can you as a company do to help struggling employees in a pandemic who are forced to sit at home? Give them a week of vacation, they thought at LinkedIn. “We wanted to give something of great value to our employees,” said Hanson. “And what people value most in this situation is time. Time to collectively step away from work.”

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Because now that everyone is free, there are no meetings or important emails that you miss. No FOMO and no deadlines. In the last week of December, LinkedIn employees were also given a massive day off. This had such a good effect on productivity and work morale that the experiment proved worth repeating. LinkedIn is doing well due to the crisis

Because now that everyone is free there are

LinkedIn saw usage and revenue increase in the past year due to the corona pandemic. At the end of January, the company, part of Microsoft, presented the latest quarterly figures.

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LinkedIn revenue grew 23 percent in the last three months of last year. Engagement on the platform increased by 48 percent.

In the corona crisis, LinkedIn profiles itself as a place to help people find a job by making profiles more accessible, investing in training on the platform and working on social issues such as racism and equal pay. However, the company does not only think about the users on the outside, but also the employees on the inside. The extra week of vacation is part of a broader plan to counter the negative effects of working from home.At least if they want to. LinkedIn wants to remain flexible with working from home in the future. Also listen: Podcast The Next Move with Lieke Schepers (Yacht) and Marcel Molenaar (LinkedIn): ‘Recovery of the demand for professionals has started’.

Author: Jobly