Internship Fees Rising: Lawyer #1 – Here’s the Top 10 Highest-Paying Internships

Students who opt for the high internship allowance, it is still best to report to an employer in the legal profession, although the government is catching up. This is apparent from the annual survey by, a vacancy platform for students and young professionals that has been researching internship compensation since 2018.

Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic in early 2020, the demand for internships has increased sharply. According to co-founder Laurens van Nues of, the number of internships moves with the economy: last year a sharp decline, this again a sharp increase. According to the vacancy platform, there are no less than two and a half times as many internships on this year than last year, an increase that is visible in every industry. Best paid internships: legal profession, government, consultants

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But where do you find the best paid internships? At sector level, the legal profession is still in first place, with an average internship fee of 672 euros.

Then comes the government, where internship fees rose by more than 4 percent this year to an average of 632 euros. And in third place come the consultants, who offer an average of 614 euros for an internship.

Central government in particular scores highly in terms of popularity: not only does the central government pay a lot, the internships offered are experienced as “socially relevant”. This moved them up two spots on the list. However, the fluctuations in government fees are somewhat higher than in the legal profession. Where lawyers pay fees between 300 euros and 1,000 euros, you will encounter a variation from 300 euros to 1,350 euros with the government.

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It is not entirely unexpected that the government is willing to pay a good amount for trainees. Van Nues: “Over the past few years, we have seen a continuous increase in the level of internship compensation from the government. In addition, it is also striking that the government is one of the few sectors that has been able to maintain the number of internships during the pandemic.”

Van Nues: “It is mainly the national government that scores well. In addition to paying a lot, they also offer socially relevant internships. Government agencies therefore seem to me to be very interesting employers for many students when it comes to internships. ”

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WerkbijdeEU pays 1,350 euros for some trainees, but the national government and ministries also pay above-average fees.

Top 10 highest paid internships

Finally, what are the best paid internships on an individual level? has put together a top 10 for this. It looks like this. This year, OTC Flow B.V., a software platform for order flow management, tops the list with an internship fee of 1,700 euros.And the number three is also a consultant. At OC&C Strategy Consultants they pay a hefty 1,500 euros for their research interns. ALSO READ: A negotiation coach explains how to ask for a raise.

Author: Jobly