In these 51 careers in healthcare and life sciences with a very good job opportunity you can earn €3,000 to €4,000 per month

The staff shortages in the care sector remain a cause for concern, the card catalogs at the UWV are overflowing. We highly value care employees and like to applaud them in corona time, but that sympathy does not translate into an increased supply on the labor market. Last year, the economic bureau of ABN Amro painted a gloomy picture in the middle of the corona time: 1 in 5 vacancies in the care sector turned out to be unfilled.

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Although digitization (such as online care at a distance) and a more attractive corporate culture within healthcare organizations (less hierarchical) could mitigate the shortages to some extent, the researchers expect the shortages to be structural. Think of things like aging and dejuvenation that are coming our way. The shortages in the field of nurses and employees in care for the elderly are well known. However, the demand for highly educated healthcare professionals is also high.

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For the latter group, Business Insider took a closer look at the National Professional Guide. We looked at positions that require a university education, which gives you an overview of a gross monthly salary that is on average between 3,000 euros and 4,000 euros per month. From this we selected the professions with a ‘very good job opportunity.’

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This selection results in a list of 51 jobs. Check them out below.

These are 51 professions in health care and life sciences for highly educated people with a very good job opportunity

(Given is the bandwidth of the salary, with the common rewards being between €3,000 and €4,000 gross per month.

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Author: Jobly