In Florence you can do a university master’s degree in coffee – then you become a ‘coffee master’

The University of Florence offers a master’s degree in coffee. As described on the website, this nine-month course teaches students every aspect of the coffee production process, from growing coffee plants and the details of the coffee supply chain, to preparing a fresh cup of coffee.

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The program will start in January 2022 with 24 students. The first batch is taught in Italian; in the future, the training may also be offered in English. “We will cover all aspects of the profession. From the origin and preparation to the serving of the drink,” coordinator Francesco Garbati Pegna told Breezy Scroll. Known as the ‘coffee capital of the world’, Florence is the birthplace of espresso, and espresso-derived macchiatos and cappuccinos.

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Although other institutions also offer courses in coffee, the program at the University of Florence is one of the few real master’s courses in the field. The Italian Universita del Cafe also offers a master’s degree in the world of coffee. Furthermore, the Davis Coffee Center at the University of California has announced that it will offer a master’s degree in coffee science in due course. For those who cannot afford to come to Italy for the necessary coffee training: there are many barista schools and coffee classes that provide education for both the amateur and the professional. ALSO READ: We asked baristas what annoys them the most – here are their 7 coffee shop etiquette rules.

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Author: Jobly