Half of employees in the world are looking for another job due to the corona pandemic

Due to the corona pandemic, more people have started to rethink their work and private lives. More than half of employees worldwide are looking for a new job. This is reported by employment agency Randstad on the basis of research into the labor market. More than two-thirds feel empowered by the pandemic to change their work-life balance.

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A third of the employees surveyed are actively looking and more than a quarter have recently changed jobs, according to the employment agency, which surveyed tens of thousands of employees worldwide for the biennial Work Monitor.

The majority of those surveyed also said they have more clarity about professional goals and want more flexibility in their careers as a result of the virus outbreak.

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‘Employees can make demands’

Randstad CEO Jacques van den Broek: “As a result of the pandemic, employees have become more self-aware, know what they want and are taking action on it.” According to the CEO, the labor market has also changed, which means that employees can set requirements. According to him, employers and policymakers should look at how they can strengthen secondary employment conditions, for example by offering more flexibility or working from home. This allows employees to fit their work around their personal and family lives.

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Asia shows the strongest changes in work. There, 40 percent of those surveyed say they are looking for a new job, compared to a quarter in northwestern Europe. More people have also changed jobs in Asia than in any other region in the world. Flexibility is high on the wish list in every region.

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Stress is the main reason for changing jobs

The main reason for changing jobs is stress. Nearly half of those surveyed say they have been more stressed since the pandemic. In Asia, stress is most often mentioned, followed by Latin America. Northwestern Europeans experience less stress.

Author: Jobly