Greater job opportunities for young people… but especially if you are highly educated

The job opportunities of young people have on average recovered after the lockdown at the beginning of this year to above the level before the corona pandemic. However, the difference has increased between the opportunities for higher-educated and lower-educated young people. This emerges from research by the Verwey-Jonker Institute and research bureau SEO Economic Research. In June, they compared the job opportunities of hundreds of thousands of young people aged 16 to 30 with previous periods using data from Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Those graduating from university or college already had relatively good job prospects, and those chances have only increased. The relatively low job opportunities for, for example, MBO graduates with a vocational guidance, have actually decreased.

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The average chance of a job for young people who had graduated nine months earlier was 67 percent. That is up to several percent higher than in the previous few years around that time.

Lower educated young people in particular are the victims of the corona crisis

After the first corona wave last year, it turned out that especially MBO students and other lower-educated young people had become the victims of the corona crisis. The job opportunities of young people with a HBO or WO master’s degree had declined very little at the time. Because the labor market picked up again after the lockdown at the beginning of this year, the situation for the latter group is now more rosy than before the pandemic. For young people with a diploma at MBO level 3 and 4, the opportunities are back to the same level as before, while the opportunities for MBO students who have opted for a vocational training path (level 2) are still slightly below the pre-crisis level.

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“Unfortunately, we see that the labor market for lower-educated young people is rebounding, but significantly less quickly than for young people with a higher education or university education,” says Bas van Weel, director of SEO Economic Research. “This may be because university graduates and HBO graduates can work from home more easily and are less likely to work in sectors that have been completely locked down.

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Working more often in government and health care

During the pandemic, the share of young people who found a job after graduation in a sector hard hit by the corona crisis has decreased somewhat. This is the case, for example, in the hospitality industry. Graduates, on the other hand, are more likely to start working in, for example, government, health care and construction. The consequences of the most recent corona measures have not yet been included in this analysis. The impact of the new lockdown on job opportunities will only become clear later.

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Author: Jobly