Good time management? It all starts with being honest, says entrepreneur Celine Charlotte van ‘t Wout

“In our society we are so used to saying: ‘I worked all day on a job’, while you had an extra long lunch in between. Or that you say that a task takes you half an hour, but you then spend much more time on it”, explains entrepreneur Celine Charlotte van ‘t Wout in the Business Break Podcast of Vodafone Business – the connector of flexible working in the Netherlands – and Business Insiders.

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According to the expert in the field of smarter working, good time management starts with honestly clocking your time, for example with an app. Every episode, this expert, together with neuropsychologist Mark Tigchelaar, gives tips when facing a challenge. In episode 2 the challenge of Mehmet Kazdal of Monitor X, based in Utrecht: How do I ensure better time management?

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Good time management

Celine Charlotte: “Instead of saying that I spent ‘an afternoon’ on something, I prefer to say 2.5 hours.” Mark can agree with that, because tasks become much more tangible for your brain. Celine Charlotte: “Right, and then you can say to yourself: can I do this in two hours next time? How can I work smarter and more efficiently? Of course you have to cross a threshold to start working with a timer, but I know exactly about many projects and processes in my company: I spend about ten minutes on that.”

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If you know that answering an email takes you an average of three minutes, you won’t put it off for three days. Once you have this insight, Mark says there are all kinds of other time management techniques that you can use.

You can hear the most important techniques in the Business Break Podcast. The two experts give their tips for better time management in 20 minutes:

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Do you start the working day with heavy or light tasks? What handy tools are there on the market? And how do you manage your time without being rude to customers or colleagues? A few topics from the second episode.

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