Endless video calls where everyone wanders off? This is how you solve that, according to these smarter working experts

“There is nothing more annoying than a long video meeting where everyone is a bit lost with their thoughts and no one dares to break in. There must be etiquette rules for video calling!”, says entrepreneur Celine Charlotte van ‘t Wout in the Business Break Podcast.

Each episode, together with focus expert Mark Tigchelaar, she shares practical tips in 20 minutes about the challenge of an entrepreneur or manager. This time that of Axel Schreijenberg of Ecclesia Nederland, a customer of Vodafone Business and INTO Telecom & IT: ‘How do I ensure good remote conversations now that many colleagues are working from home?’

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“What I see happening in many companies is that there is no discussion about how we communicate with each other remotely,” concludes Mark. “As a result, everything is crisscrossing each other. For example, I want to have a nice chat with a colleague, while he is just trying to focus. Annoying to him, and not chill to me. Or I have a meeting with someone, but in the meantime the other person is typing his email with half an eye. Then of course you don’t really have contact.”

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Recognizable? In the third episode, the experts give tips on matters such as:

  • How do I create informal coffee chat moments when everyone is working from home?
  • How do I make video meetings more efficient?
  • How do I keep my calendar from getting cluttered with video meetings?
  • When can I disturb someone?
  • And how do I show myself in a video call?

Listen to the latest episode of the Business Break Podcast from Vodafone Business – the connector of flexible working in the Netherlands – and Business Insider here!

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