Employment in the Netherlands rises to record level in the first quarter of 2022, broadcaster Manpower predicts

Anyone looking for a job in the Netherlands will have more choice than ever at the beginning of next year. That is the prediction of ManpowerGroup, one of the largest employment agencies in the world. Based on its quarterly employer survey, the company says employment will hit record highs.

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ManpowerGroup asked 505 employers in the Netherlands whether they expect to hire more or fewer people in the first quarter of 2022. On balance, 47 percent of employers said they needed to hire additional staff, meaning many more employers want to expand their workforce rather than cut it.

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According to the staffing company, this is the highest employment figure since the survey began in 2003. A year ago, there were on balance 2 percent more employers who wanted additional staff than employers who expected to hire fewer people.

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Employment is growing, especially in the financial sector and business services. More staff is also needed in the construction and IT sector. In the manufacturing industry, there are still more employers with expansion plans than vice versa, but the employment rate is not increasing any further than in previous quarters.

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While the high demand for personnel is good news for job seekers, employers are faced with an increasing scarcity of workers. The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) calculated that in the third quarter 126 vacancies were open per 100 unemployed. As a result, the labor market is tighter than ever.

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“All organizations are already noticing it, but these figures confirm it: the demand for personnel continues to rise,” says Jeroen Zwinkels, general manager of ManpowerGroup Netherlands, in an explanation of the survey.

Author: Jobly