Employees are disappointed after the grueling second corona year of a short Christmas period

Christmas and New Year’s Eve fall on two weekends this year. This ensures a relatively short Christmas period for employees, who indicate that they have a greater need for a longer rest period after a heavy corona year.

No less than 45 percent notice the negative impact of the ever-changing corona measures on energy levels, according to a new LinkedIn survey of more than 1,000 Dutch office workers.

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According to 60 percent of the employees in the survey, working in times of corona calls on their adaptability more than usual. Another 60 percent are fed up with the changes. The adjustments mean that 45 percent of employees will feel extra tired by the end of this year.

Short Christmas period

With a short Christmas period ahead, many employees indicate that they actually need more days off. In the LinkedIn survey, 46 percent say they need extra days off in December. Nearly 4 in 10 employees say they don’t expect to be able to catch their breath before the new year begins.

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Many employees believe that more days off would promote well-being in times of corona. They need more autonomy to organize their own working days, but they also long for more personal contact with colleagues.

In any case, many respondents indicated that employers should look at granting more days off. The corona time is taking a heavy toll on the mind and 45 percent of professionals indicate that some extra free time can have a positive influence on the mental well-being of employees.

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Author: Jobly