Do you want a higher salary in 2022? 4 tips on how to deal with that

With unemployment at its lowest level ever since the measurements began in 2003 and a record employment rate in the Netherlands is expected early this year, the first quarter of 2022 might be the perfect time to talk to your boss about your salary. In addition to growing employment, inflation in the Netherlands has also reached a record high. Last November, the average rise in the prices of goods and services was 5.2 percent, the fastest increase since 1982. A smart way to boost your salary in a short time is to switch employer and job, but it can It is also worthwhile to look together with your current boss at the possibilities that exist for you within your job or company.

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“Good employers will be open to this conversation because they want to keep their current employees. In many sectors, such as hospitality, IT and installation, we are already seeing salaries rise due to the tight labor market,” said Mikaela Elliott, senior manager at UK job platform Indeed. These are four tips for a successful conversation about a salary increase:

1. Timing

“Most people ask for a raise at the wrong time,” says Laurie Ruettimann, career counselor and author of the book Betting on You.

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“The best time to start the conversation depends on the cycles your company goes through,” says Mikaela Elliott. “Find out when your supervisor will have the financial space to give pay increases, so that you can prepare well in the run-up to that moment and start building a strong business for yourself.”

“Also, consider the overall performance of the company as well as your own successes and achievements before turning to your manager.”

According to Indeed, the best times to ask for a raise are:

  • —After getting a promotion;
  • after obtaining new qualifications;
  • or when assuming a leadership role.

2. Support your argument with facts

Do not enter into the conversation without first examining whether your salary proposal is reasonable. A good tactic to calculate your worth is to use a salary calculator. This allows you to check whether the average wages in your sector have increased and you can, substantiated, ask for a more competitive salary.

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“Make sure you have a clear reason for asking for a raise and be prepared to justify your salary proposal,” says Elliot. “In addition, practice the conversation before you actually sit down with the boss.”

3.Don’t be too quick to reject these kinds of alternatives, but evaluate whether they might mean more to you than a higher salary.

Elliot says, “While salary is important, it’s not the only thing that matters to people. Employers therefore sometimes offer other benefits and perks to attract and retain employees. The most important thing is that you weigh your personal ambitions and priorities against the offer on the table. If they match your wishes, don’t focus on the pay.”

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4. Dare to run away

If the negotiations really don’t move and you’re unhappy in the current setting, then maybe it’s time to leave.

“Wage increases have remained stubbornly low in recent years, despite inflation, and as a result, switching jobs is one of the best ways to make a step in your salary,” Elliot says. “This is especially true for people who have been educated and retrained, making them better suited for higher paying positions.”

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Author: Jobly