Corona crisis affects self-employed people: full-time self-employed people work fewer hours

An increasing group of self-employed entrepreneurs is looking for work. The number of full-time self-employed workers is decreasing and at the same time a growing group says they want to work more hours. This development has been ongoing since the first lockdown in the spring of 2020, reports the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

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In the past year, more self-employed workers were added, but they worked fewer hours. In the last quarter of the previous year, 895,000 self-employed people worked full-time, 44,000 less than in the same period a year earlier.

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The group that worked less than 20 hours a week actually increased by 49,000. Many of these self-employed part-timers would like to work more. In the second to fourth quarters of 2020 – which were marked by the corona crisis – about a third of these part-time self-employed people wanted to work more hours. In the same period a year earlier, that was still a quarter. A similar development was seen among self-employed workers who worked 20 to 35 hours a week.

The group that worked less than hours a week actually increased

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It is strikingly often self-employed with a creative or linguistic profession who want to work more. Among their fellow sufferers are also many people with a business economic and administrative, technical, service or commercial profession.

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Author: Jobly