Bring in young talent? 5 tips from the HR expert who has already filled hundreds of vacancies for Aegon

Young talent is scarce. As an employer, how do you find suitable people in this market – in which a million vacancies are open?

HR expert Helen Gijzemijter has been working for Aegon for thirteen years and sees the challenge. Her strategy? Ensure visibility, quickly put talent on a development path full of career opportunities and do not forget to make the value of the employment conditions concrete.

How does that work? Gijzemijter has five tips for recruiting talent for employers:

1. Be visible

“The competition in the labor market is fierce, so it is important to be visible. Everyone knows large multinationals such as Shell and Unilever, but for a student a regional company with a considerable size quickly falls out of sight. Are you looking for young talent? Then contact schools and study associations in the region, present your company on LinkedIn, show what you have to offer.

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For example, Aegon is not automatically on the minds of IT talents looking for a job. That is why we show how digitally we work as an organization. For example, by letting IT professionals who work for us speak about their work in a video. This makes it clear that insurers are increasingly showing similarities with IT companies.”

2. Offer talent a fast track

“Set up your organization in such a way that you give people the opportunity to develop themselves quickly and to get to know the different facets of the organization. For example, Aegon has three different talent programs for young talent, focused on their specialization: Data Science, Technology and Financial. We are also developing a fourth program that focuses on IT Development.

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Participants will have the opportunity to work and gain experience in various places in the company. Also abroad. The employee makes the choices himself, but can count on guidance at every step. These programs are well received. It is special to see the enthusiasm among the employees.”

3. Get off to a good start

“Starting with a new employer is exciting for everyone. The transition from study to a permanent job is particularly important for young talent. But you also have to allow people who have been working for a longer time to land well in a large organization such as Aegon.

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That is why we pay a lot of attention to onboarding: the start of new employees at the organization. Everyone starts together on the first of the month and follows a two-day program. In it, all new colleagues receive a presentation about almost all parts of the organization, including kick-off from the CEO. Employees are thus directly introduced to people in the organization that they can always fall back on.”

4.Do not forget to explain its value in your communication. How many vacation and leave days is an employee entitled to? And after what period does an employee receive a permanent contract? Important, because many young people want to buy a house.

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Retirement is an important condition of employment, but certainly a far-from-my-bed show for young people. I always make it concrete by showing how much Aegon as an employer contributes to the pension accrual. In addition, a good pension scheme, such as the one at Aegon, has more added value than many people know. Thanks to a survivor’s pension, the next of kin of the employee will be financially cared for if he or she unexpectedly disappears.”

5. Focus on career opportunities

“In practice, we see that the many career opportunities that Aegon offers are decisive for choosing us. As an employee, you can follow a variety of education and training courses and work within the various business units of the organization during your career. In various functions. I discuss the possibilities with candidates, and I also point out the responsibility that people have in this regard.

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A lot is possible, but you don’t get it handed to you on a silver platter. I am living proof of that. Three years ago I made the transition from the pension company to an HR position. Something completely different. That flexibility is part of our culture. We expect people to develop themselves and to indicate that they want something different. An employee must be able to substantiate that, but then a lot is also possible.”

Future-oriented employership

This is an article from our “Forward-Looking Employability” series, powered by Aegon. As an employer, you want to arrange things well for your employees. Aegon and Business Insider are happy to help you with that. By pointing out obstacles and opportunities in good time. And by offering the right products and services, such as an Aegon Cappital pension plan.

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Author: Jobly