‘As a result of corona, people have been confronted with what their job really means, apart from the contacts in the workplace’

The corona pandemic has led to a much stronger reflection on happiness at work. Some employees wonder if it’s not time for another job, while for others the question is how they can get more satisfaction from their current job.

Companies from the so-called ed-tech sector are responding to this. In the twelfth episode of the podcast The Next Move, founder and CEO André Haardt of startup Chapter and co-founder and managing director René Janssen of scale-up Lepaya talk about the opportunities and challenges in retraining and upskilling respectively.

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According to Haardt, due to the corona pandemic, many employees are confronted much more directly with what their job really means, apart from the contacts in the workplace. “An estimated 2.5 million people get less energy from their work.”

With his new startup Chapter, Haardt wants to offer concrete retraining programs based on skills training in areas where there is a lot of demand, such as healthcare, but also in practical professions such as installing solar panels. “The moment you start approaching people based on ‘skills’, matches can be made with completely different careers.”

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Lepaya focuses more on training for employees and managers in companies, focusing on skills that are needed at an individual level. Janssen notes that the way we work has changed significantly over the past twenty years. In the mid-1990s, the average person had about 150 professional relationships to maintain; that has now grown to 450. “Skills needed to deal with this well revolve around things like how to give feedback, how to set goals and how to help others take a career step. These are things that you often do not learn through training, nor through the employer.”

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Listen to part 1 of the twelfth episode of The Next Move with André Haardt from Chapter and René Janssen from Lepaya, presented by strategic advisor and author Diederik Heinink.

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Author: Jobly