An employer can also lease this garden office with a special ventilation system for employees – or you can buy it

We are still forced to work from home en masse, but the disadvantages of this are evident after a year of corona. Working from home while your children follow your online education is not optimal for concentration. The market for home workplaces, tiny offices and garden offices is developing at a rapid pace. Especially because many large employers, such as banks, have already indicated that working from home is here to stay.

The Utrecht design agency WeLLDesign also entered this market last summer with the development of Zaak, an ergonomic and maintenance-free garden office. WeLLDesign previously designed the interior of the Senseo, the yellow flower containers at the florist and the housing system ‘MorgenWonen’ from VolkerWessels with which you can build a house in one day. And now also garden offices.

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Correction: The best garden offices. At least that’s what CEO Mathijs van Dijk of WeLLDesign says, whose ambition was to build the best garden office. Maintenance-free, ergonomic, vandal-proof, modular and with a healthy indoor climate. “Some projects were lost due to corona, so we also had time for these kinds of things. And it fitted in well with the developments around industrial construction,” Van Dijk tells Business Insider.

Correction The best garden offices

Van Dijk’s bureau entered into a joint venture with Losberger De Boer, known for temporary and semi-permanent accommodations worldwide. This resulted in the prototype Case. In the meantime, the first copies have been ordered and delivered. “They’re rolling off the line now, we’re ambitious and think we’re going to sell hundreds of them. You can put them in your garden, but we are also in talks with various companies and landscape owners to see if we can place clusters there that can then be rented out.”

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Because that is the approach: employers buy or lease a Business, or a cluster of these garden offices for their employees as a fringe benefit. Or they rent it out to freelancers. “It does not require a permit, it is movable property and you can simply put it in the garden,” says Van Dijk.

When you set up a lease construction as an employer and reimburse the lease costs for the employee, the employee does not have to take into account a tax addition for private use, unlike with the company car. “That does not apply to these types of products,” says Van Dijk.

When you set up a lease construction as an employer

Below is a bird’s-eye view of some key elements of the Cause:

The basic model Case is 2.3 x 3.5 meters and has a starting price of 15,700 euros, excluding VAT

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The starting price of 15,700 euros includes climate system and installation. The Basic Case measures 2.3 x 2.5 meters, but the Case is actually available in all shapes and sizes. According to Van Dijk, there are about 20 to 30 variants available, you can increase them per meter.There is a lot of interest in the ZL3, the basic Case with an extra meter depth

With an average of 1,200 kilos, it is a light construction that does not blow over and does not need to be founded. The Case is simply placed on plastic tiles and then leveled.

The cab is also equipped with an ingenious heat recovery system

If the air inside is cooler than outside (due to the built-in air conditioning that you switch on when it is too hot outside), the incoming air is automatically cooler, because the cool exhaust air transfers its ‘cold energy’ via a heat exchanger to the fresh air. incoming air.

If the air inside is cooler than outside

The ventilation system not only refreshes, but also removes micro-organisms, pollen and particulate matter from the air

De Zaak is also acoustically insulated; If it rains or hails, you won’t have to worry about that. The hinges and locks and safety glass make the Zaak vandal-proof. The H++ safety glass also insulates well. You can lease the Business from about 260 euros per month

In that case you can make it available to employees for less than 2 euros per hour. Rental constructions to, for example, self-employed persons are also possible. Then you come to about 25 euros per half day. ALSO READ: This is what a garden office for quiet work can look like: ‘In the past you got a company car, soon a complete home workplace’.

Author: Jobly