Amsterdam is moving up to 2nd place worldwide as the most desirable city for expats to work

Despite Brexit, London is still the most popular city in the world for expats. But in a survey published this week by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and The Network, Amsterdam does not come in second place in a metropolis like New York, Paris or Singapore… but Amsterdam. Fifteen percent of the more than 200,000 highly educated respondents worldwide would like to live in Amsterdam. want to work. That is three percentage points more than in the previous survey from 2018. According to BCG, Amsterdam’s appeal lies in the “dynamic startup scene” and the city’s image as an innovation hub. The number three on the list, Dubai, has also increased in popularity (score of 14 percent), but the number four Berlin (score of 13 percent) has become slightly less attractive among expats. London continues to lead the list with its global name and fame with a score of 18 percent, thanks in part to its appeal within the British Commonwealth. New York and Barcelona have fallen remarkably hard.

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Although no individual Canadian cities are in the top ten, Canada as a whole is the most attractive country for expats. In 2018, that was still the United States.

According to BCG, the decline in the US’s popularity is due to the negative assessment by respondents of the US approach to the corona pandemic, and the social and political unrest. Canada is seen as attractive because of its open culture, handling of the corona pandemic and social security. Working abroad virtually

According to BCG the decline in the USs popularity is due to the negative assessment by

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BCG’s research also shows that the willingness to move to another country has decreased. This is partly due to the corona pandemic, but also to the more nationalistic immigration policies that many countries are pursuing. During the pandemic, people all over the world have become accustomed to working from home. This has also increased the interest in working virtually for a foreign employer. More than 57 percent of the respondents would like to work for a company that does not have a branch in their own country. People can then work for the employer with the best offer, without having to leave their family behind or take them with them. Interest in virtual working for an employer abroad is greatest in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, but in the Netherlands, at 43 percent, it is well below the global average. ALSO READ: Wealthy expats drive up Amsterdam house prices – almost half earn more than half a ton a year.

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Author: Jobly