Aircraft manufacturer Airbus wants to hire 6,000 people, possibly including employees in the Netherlands

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus needs thousands of new employees. According to the group present in several countries, the aerospace industry is showing strong signs of recovery after the previous corona dip. Airbus also foresees additional work in connection with reducing CO2 emissions.

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Worldwide, Airbus plans to hire approximately 6,000 new employees in the first half of this year. One third of that group must consist of young graduates. The great rival of the American Boeing is also in the Netherlands, but how many new Dutch jobs this concerns has not been disclosed.

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Whether Airbus will succeed in recruiting so many new employees in the coming months remains to be seen. Recently, the labor market has been very tight. Due to the economic recovery from the corona crisis, many companies are diligently looking for staff.

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According to Thierry Baril, who is responsible for human resources at Airbus, the group will reassess how many new employees are still needed after the first recruitment wave in June. He adds that it is not only looking at the “new skills” that Airbus will need for when the corona crisis is completely over. The group will also take into account the diversity within its own workforce when recruiting.

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Author: Jobly