A math teacher from Taiwan posts tutorials on Pornhub to reach potential students and earns over $200,000 a year

How do you distinguish yourself as an online math teacher from other teachers? A Taiwanese math teacher decided last year to offer videos with math lessons on the platform Pornhub. Now successfully.

Chang Hsu operates on Pornhub under the name “chaghsumath666” and currently has nearly 7,000 subscribers there, the site said. In the videos, he always remains fully clothed and just explains math.

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In total, Chang has already posted 226 math videos on Pornhub. In it, he usually wears a hoodie and teaches in front of a classic green chalkboard. The videos have an average length of 40 minutes and attract about 20,000 viewers per post. Chang uses the slogan “Play Hard, Study Hard” and has generated nearly 2 million views with his math videos.

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Chang tells the news site Focus Taiwan that he started posting tutorials on Pornhub in May 2020, as part of a marketing strategy to do “special things in special places”. According to Chang, students who pick up his free tutorials on Pornhub often move on to paid classes that he also teaches.

Chang tells the news site Focus Taiwan that he started posting tutorials on

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Chang says he was banned from other porn sites because he wanted to post derogatory content. But his marketing campaign on Pornhub is effective. In his own words, he currently earns about 230,000 euros on an annual basis with paid online math lessons that he gives on various forums. “The online education market is very competitive and I can now add about 1,000 students a year, while a math teacher averages a few hundred,” Chang said. “I was just wondering: where is the target audience of young men who need math lessons? And then I suddenly thought: on porn sites!”

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Author: Jobly