7 ways to impress recruiters in the first 5 minutes of a job interview

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First impressions are hard to erase, especially in a 30-minute job interview.

So you want to impress the recruiter as quickly as possible. It’s a matter of preparation so that even if you get nervous, you know what to do.

Here are the best strategies for showing off in the first few minutes—or sooner.

Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes in advance.

Being late is a turn off. But arriving as early as possible is not necessarily a plus either. Business Insider previously spoke with a number of career experts. They agreed that it is most ideal to arrive ten to fifteen minutes in advance.

Being late is a turn off

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If you come earlier, you may irritate the person you are talking to because he or she also has other responsibilities.

Be polite to the receptionist.

There are eyes everywhere, especially at the counter. Some recruiters or managers call their receptionist to ask how you behaved prior to the interview. That person’s reaction can affect your chances.

Rick Going, CEO of Tupperware, said something similar. After every job interview he conducts, he asks the receptionist how he/she was treated by the candidate.

Rick Going CEO of Tupperware said something similar

Make eye contact when you meet the person.

When the person you are talking to comes to greet you, make sure you look at them. An unstable gaze does not show accessibility or charisma.

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In a study by researchers at Northeastern University (Boston, United States), a test group was asked to watch videos of strangers speaking to each other for the first time, and then estimate how intelligent the “strangers” are. The study found that people who make regular eye contact seem more intelligent than those who don’t.

In a study by researchers at Northeastern

Give a firm handshake. Or practice an alternate greeting.

Non-verbal communication is important in the first impression. A 2008 study in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that students who came in with a firm handshake are more likely to be hired. The recruiters were not asked to pay attention to the handshake.

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Of course a handshake is out of the question in corona times. There are now plenty of alternatives to greeting someone, from the nod to the raising of your hand.The researchers concluded from this that small talk largely determines the overall impression you leave behind.

Of course a handshake is out of

Bring extra copies of your resume.

Of course the recruiter has a digital version of your letter and CV, but make it easy for him or her and bring a few paper versions with you.

In fact, Amanda Augustine, career expert for TopResume, says you should bring a copy for each person who attends the interview. “You need one for yourself to refer to as you speak, and a copy for everyone at the table in case they haven’t prepared it.”

In fact Amanda Augustine career expert for TopResume says

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It may also be useful to bring a pen and paper in case you want to take notes during the conversation.

Ask questions that can guide the course of the conversation.

You can ask your questions before the recruiter asks you. Lynn Taylor, author of the book Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior and Thrive in Your Job, says there are a few questions you should ask early in the conversation. For example: “How did this feature develop?”

It can help to let the recruiter talk so that you gather information about the position. It is good to know whether the position is becoming available because someone is leaving or because the company is growing.

It can help to let the recruiter talk so that

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