7 things you want to know about rapper and The Voice coach Ali B. – tumult around popular talent show damages image

The Voice of Holland is under heavy fire for various allegations of sexual misconduct. Band leader Jeroen Rietbergen has therefore resigned from the program. A report was made against coach Ali B. last weekend, the rapper confirmed to the Telegraaf. He denies being guilty of transgressive behaviour, but his image has been badly damaged in any case. Ali Bouali, after having wrestled himself from the criminal environment in which he found himself as a teenager, is seen as a role model for many young people. He has his own management agency with his wife to guide young artists, has made several cabaret shows and TV programs in addition to his career as a rapper, is a popular jury member at talent shows and is known as a ‘cuddly Moroccan’. Over the years, he has built up millions in wealth with all his activities, even though he almost went bankrupt during the credit crisis of 2008. These are 7 things you need to know about the rapper, program maker and businessman Ali B. He broke through at the general public through a duet with Marco Borsato

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Although he had been working hard for a while, as a rapper Ali B. only really broke through with the general public in 2004 when he performed with singer Marco Borsato in De Kuip. Their duet ‘What would you do’ for Warchild was then number 1 in the top 40 for four weeks. Later, Borsato and Ali B. were also members of the jury at The Voice of Holland. Marco Borsato is also charged with sexual misconduct, but that would not have happened during his work for The Voice. He got on the criminal path as a teenager

In his younger days, Ali B. was addicted to gambling and was on the criminal path. According to Panorama, he liked to hang out in the Indische Buurt as a street rascal and between the ages of 16 and 19 he was busy with ‘hustling’: dealing drugs and other shady business.

One of the low points was the day he used his mother’s twelve hundred guilders to gamble it on the street. He himself once said in an interview with the AD that stealing shoes from a mosque is the worst thing he has ever done. During his career as an artist, there was a fuss about a clip he made in 2008 with rapper Sjaak in which the criminals Redouan Boutaka and Najib Himmich were prominently featured. Both looked intently into the camera, raised their middle fingers and yelled “what the fuck.” Later, both Boutaka and Himmich were liquidated. He has a warm relationship with the royal family

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Ali B. performed for King Willem-Alexander when he was inaugurated on April 30, 2013. During the ‘Koningsvaart’ on the IJ he rapped, among other things: “You can also recognize a real king without a crown, you are just a real king .” Ali b.He once said on his weblog that he has two favorite photos: the photo of his famous embrace with the then Queen Beatrix in 2005 and a photo of a box with Maxima at the very beginning of his career. He has a million dollar fortune…

Ali B. is a wealthy rapper. Together with his wife Breghje, he owns four companies, has a spacious villa in Morocco, expanded his ‘real estate empire’ in December 2019 with forty buildings and for years received 400,000 euros per season from The Voice of Holland, Man Man reported last year. He also has several lucrative sponsorship deals and he earned a lot from performances and other TV programs he made, Business Insider wrote in 2017. His total net worth is now estimated at around 5 million euros. His artist agency, for example, has set up his artist agency SPEC Entertainment B.V. According to Manly, at least 1 million in the bank and 1.5 million in receivables. And the umbrella organization SPEC Holding B.V. has an estimated equity capital of 1.4 million euros and 2 million euros in the bank. …but almost went bankrupt during the credit crisis

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Ali B. had become rich early in his career, but almost went bankrupt during the financial crisis that started in 2008. “I had bought a very large property worth 1.2 million euros, and that was before the crisis. After the crisis, the building was no longer worth anything,” he once told FunX. “I almost went bankrupt in the background at that moment, while everyone thought I was super rich.”

In the end, partly thanks to lucrative advertisements for Douwe Egberts, he managed to save his financial skin, while he did not drink any coffee at all.

He wants to put Almere on the map worldwide

Ali B. was born in Zaanstad, but has lived in Almere since he was fourteen and is a great ambassador for his city. “In my view, it makes no sense to compete with Amsterdam, or with any other city in the Netherlands. We just have to play a different ‘sport’. And ensure that we rise above everything and everyone. And that is possible!”, he said in an interview with Lifestyle Almere in the summer of 2020. “We are still wonderfully young, have a lot of space, and are not hindered by all kinds of heritage protections and the like.” He also expects a lot from students in Almere: “I want creatives from Almere to solve the world’s problems. Together, here in this building,” he said from the striking WTC Tower in his city. “A place full of brilliant minds who come up with super cool things to make life easier.”

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He was behind the corona campaign of Famke Louise with his company SPEC

During the corona crisis, the artist agency SPEC of Ali B.For example, the singer and vlogger Famke Louise, who is affiliated with the agency, called on young people to adhere to the basic rules. According to the AD, SPEC received a total of 31,000 euros for contributions to the government campaign #only together. But later, Famke Louise, together with other artists, turned against government policy under the hashtag #ikdoenietmeermee. This led to a lot of criticism from the healthcare sector and frowned eyebrows at the then healthcare minister Hugo de Jonge. Later, IC doctor Diederik Gommers managed to convince her to participate in the corona policy again after a joint performance at the talk show table of Eva Jinek. ALSO READ: This is how Ali B gets his ‘money’ as a ‘Jew’ – and that’s how he spends it.

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