7 qualities of introverts that can make them feel appreciated at work

If you’re an introvert, you may be wondering if you can keep up with the frantic pace of today’s society. A little self-doubt isn’t bad at all in a world where speaking up is appreciated and extroverted people regularly pat themselves on the back.

But introverts think things over more and can contribute to the team in a calm way. They are often able to concentrate and observe rather than having their own opinion ready.

The focused and calm approach of introverts can provide deeper insights and better solutions to organizational problems. Also, their innate curiosity can lead to questions that can provide a lot of insight for important business decisions.

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Below are seven qualities of introverts that benefit them in a fast-paced society, where problem-solving, relationship building and innovation are in high demand.

1. Reflection

Introverts generally think before speaking out. By reflecting calmly, they often come to meetings and presentations well prepared. Thinking through an idea or solution is a great way to determine successful networking and conversation strategies. By expressing just one well-thought-out idea or opinion, you can get a lot of recognition during a meeting or for your contribution to a special project.

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2. Listen well

If you talk a lot, it doesn’t mean you’re a source of wisdom or have groundbreaking ideas. Introverts take in all the important information first before speaking up for themselves. And then they often surprise the other attendees with relevant and new insights. Introverts are very good at encouraging people to express their ideas, which helps them develop good business relationships. Your natural ability to listen well creates confidence.

Problems often go unresolved in a workplace, but that only encourages introverts to focus on researching and analyzing them. Because of that ability to concentrate, they often come up with creative and effective solutions.

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4. Calmness

Introverts often remain calm and cool during conflict and when things go wrong. As cautious thinkers, they rarely act impulsively and take the time to properly assess a difficult situation or crisis. The combination of self-control and reflective reasoning often provides a constructive solution during stressful situations.

5.Introverts are often good writers who take full advantage of their powers of observation. Writing gives them the opportunity to think things through, to sort things out in a quiet place and to be themselves without being interrupted. Writing skills are an important quality to show your strength and do business.

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6. Creativity

Introverts need to be alone to further develop their thoughts and ideas. Tranquility is fertile ground for dreams and creativity that can greatly influence the growth and success of your career.

7. Empathy

Thinking through too many scenarios at once can lead to thinking too deeply, but that aspect of the nature of introverts also makes them more sensitive to what colleagues and customers are feeling and thinking. Introverts know what it’s like to be invisible or ignored in large groups, so they make sure that everyone relevant to a topic is involved in a conversation or meeting.

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In today’s fast-paced society, introverts sometimes have to move outside their comfort zone and challenge themselves to break new ground. But by relaxing and being guided by their inner voice, the introverted can also ensure a stable course on the road to success.

Jane Finkle is a career coach, speaker and writer with over 25 years of experience helping clients in their careers. Her latest book is The Introvert’s Complete Career Guide: From Landing a Job to Surviving, Thriving, and Moving on Up.

Find out more: Successful people who achieve their goals have 3 things in common: they know what they want, are proactive and value others.

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