6 ways to prepare psychologically to work from home for a longer period of time

The coronavirus outbreak and the restrictive measures that followed have forced millions of employees to work largely from home. That situation initially seemed temporary, but could last for months as the pandemic is far from under control.

Working from home may be a dream come true for some, but for others it’s a nightmare. Your mental attitude and motivation play a major role in the way you experience working from home. With a negative attitude, your workdays become a heavy burden.

Fortunately, you can do the necessary yourself to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for a longer period of working from home, even if that is not ideal for you.

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Here are six tips from psychotherapist, coach, and bestselling author Amy Morin.

1. Provide a good workspace

Working in bed in your pajamas may sound fun at first, but after a while that is no longer possible, both physically and mentally.

To make working from home a success, you need a good workspace. For some, a desk in the corner of the room is enough in combination with a pair of headphones that you can shut off. Read more: The 4 best headphones with microphones for working and meeting at home

Others need an office-like space with enough daylight to enter.

Think carefully about how you can maintain the correct working position during the day to prevent back pain. And how to create a workspace that makes you happy and helps you to be productive.

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You’ll probably be working much of the day, so it’s important to feel comfortable and healthy at your desk.

Youll probably be working much of the day so its

2. Make a clear distinction between work and private life

Maybe your mom calls during the day because she thinks you’re unemployed now that you’re at home. Or you answer work emails in the evening while watching TV. Now that work and private life are under one roof, it is even more important to find a good balance.

You may want to avoid taking private calls during work hours to stay productive. And in your spare time make sure that your laptop and printed work documents are literally out of sight, so that they don’t remind you of work.

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It’s okay if some things get a little mixed up (like doing laundry while typing for a long time). But it’s important to develop strategies that you feel comfortable with.

3. Watch your mental health

Are you bored when you work from home? Do you feel alone? Are you restless?

Scientific research shows that naming feelings can help control them.Do you snack when you’re bored? Do you spend a lot of time on social media when you feel lonely? Do you show procrastination when you’re restless?

If so, you need to find ways to deal with it better. Journal writing, a hobby, and breathing exercises can help with that.

4. Set up homework rules

Self-awareness is the key to working well from home. Do you need structure in your working day by drawing up a timetable in advance? Are you more productive when you put on real office clothes (even if no one sees you)?

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Set up some homework rules that you feel comfortable with, a kind of company policy that applies only to you. By following those rules, you can create a situation that helps you work from home.

Set up some homework rules that you feel comfortable with

5. Enjoy the benefits

Even if you don’t like working from home, you can still reap the benefits. You can make your own favorite coffee, wear sweatpants during a video meeting or read a report in the garden. Working remotely has its advantages over working in the office. Take advantage of that.

6. Prepare for Potential Problems

Whether you like working from home or not, you will always run into problems – such as technical inconvenience or screaming children in the background.

Prepare for problems that you can more or less expect. And be aware that you might occasionally be disturbed by a neighbor knocking on your door while you’re just in an important meeting.

Fortunately, many people are in the same situation, so almost everyone (including your boss) will understand the challenges of working from home. So be flexible if problems arise from time to time. And stay positive so that you get the best out of yourself and others. Read more about working from home:

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