5 things applicants really care about – anonymity is at the bottom

Nobody wants to apply anonymously, according to a survey by labor market researcher Intelligence Group. Only 5 percent of respondents indicated that this option would make finding a new job or employer easier. The survey, among more than 2,700 people from the Dutch working population, aims to map out the bottlenecks in the labor market from the employee’s perspective. Of those surveyed, about 80 percent were employed, 20 percent unemployed and 20 percent were final-year students.

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The fact that an anonymous application opportunity scores so poorly is remarkable given the political interest in it. For example, the CDA recently wrote in the party program for the elections to the House of Representatives that this option must be introduced to “combat conscious and unconscious discrimination and offer everyone equal opportunities, regardless of origin and surname”.

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Although the survey shows that this option is more popular among people with a migration background (11 percent instead of 4 percent see its importance), it still scores relatively low among them. This begs the question: what do applicants think is important? Business Insider summarizes the results of the Intelligence Group investigation.

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Salary must be stated

Employers should be clearer and more complete, according to applicants. And in particular about the salary and the working conditions. More than 40 percent of employees indicate that this would help them find a new job or employer.

The full top 5 looks like this: Finding a new job or employer would be easier if…

  • The salary and the terms of employment are stated in the vacancy (44%)
  • The content and tasks of the work are described in a concrete and clear manner (34%)
  • There would be one site in the Netherlands with all vacancies (27%)
  • There is clarity about the procedure/application process (26%)
  • I can calculate my gross-net salary (24%)

“Pay attention to my skills”

Respondents were also asked which factors would increase their chances of success in the labor market. This shows that hiring based on skills is seen as very important.

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The full top 5 looks like this:

Author: Jobly