4 tips to make a success of your open application

Many job-seekers wonder whether it makes sense to put energy into an open application. They are afraid that their resume will go straight into the trash. According to recruitment organization Walters People, open applications may not always have an immediate effect, but they can make a difference in the long term. with your own values ​​and interests, vacancy or not. In addition, it can also be flattering at an organization: you show your genuine interest in the company and make it clear that you want to work for them. Here are four tips from Walters People to make a success of your open application:

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1. Find the right person

An open application takes more time than responding to a vacancy, because with an open application you have to find the right person in the organization to address your letter. Therefore, research on LinkedIn who is most suitable to approach, recommends Walters People. This can be the HR manager, but also the manager of the department where you would like to work.

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2. Update your resume properly

Of course, an updated resume is essential, but also make sure it matches the culture of the company you’re applying to. For example, it is best to use the job title that is common within the organization where you are applying. It is also recommended that the values ​​that the organization promotes are reflected in the interests and soft skills on your CV.

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3. Follow up on the open application, but don’t stalk

You don’t have to hesitate to follow up on your open application and repeat your motivation, says Walters People. This can be done with a call or e-mail. But be careful not to stalk the contact.

4. Use your network

Your network can provide an important boost. Let acquaintances and former colleagues who work in organizations that you find interesting know that you are looking for a new job. Your acquaintance may have a golden tip or they may drop your name. It’s often easier to get into a place if you already know someone there.

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