29-year-old marketer built a bot that answers recruiters’ questions – he was offered a job 11 times

Nowadays, a simple resume and motivation letter are no longer enough to convince your future boss of your qualities. Whether you choose a video resume that showcases your personality or style your resume in the style of your dream employer, you need to pull out all the stops these days to stand out from all those other talented applicants.

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29-year-old marketing professional David Vidal therefore decided to change tack and came up with perhaps one of the most creative solutions ever: a resume bot.

“I don’t believe a conventional resume works anymore,” Vidal says of his bot. “I wanted to be able to demonstrate with my CV that I am creative, have good marketing skills and dare to think outside the box. ”

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The resume bot is an interactive platform that displays a button on the opening screen that reads, “Let’s start the conversation. ” Recruiters open the resume by pressing the button, after which automated messages appear introducing Vidal as a candidate.

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The recruiters can also ask the bot questions such as: What is your greatest professional achievement? What does success mean to you? What are your three weaknesses? The resume bot then answers the questions.

The recruiters can also ask the bot questions such as What is

“I hoped in this way not only to distinguish myself from other candidates, but also to give the recruiters a better insight into me as a person,” says Vidal.

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Vidal didn’t have to program anything himself

The marketer from Valencia used the Landbot application to set up his resume bot. No programming language was involved and Vidal didn’t even have to pay for his creative resume.

Once he created the bot, all he had to do was add the link to his “old-fashioned” written resume and he was ready to start applying.

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“It has exceeded my wildest expectations,” says Vidal. “My resume bot has gone viral and has been used by more than 30,000 people. ”

But online attention alone is not enough to actually land a job. So in order to score a job interview, Vidal added the question “How can we meet for a face-to-face interview?” to his bot.

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Author: Jobly