2 in 5 employees think the compensation for working from home is (very) bad

Many employees are dissatisfied with their homework allowance. Their employer would offer too little compensation for the costs they incur for working from home during the corona pandemic. This is reported by research agency Multiscope on the basis of a survey among more than 3,000 salaried workers.

The compensation that employees receive for this is rated as bad or very bad by 42 percent of the respondents. According to Multiscope, this amounts to more than one million Dutch home workers. One in three employees who work from home are satisfied with the financial support they receive from their employer.

Young employees are more often negative about the financial compensation for working from home. 58 percent of employees under the age of 34 are dissatisfied with the homework allowance. Almost half of the young people also think that they get too little exercise while working from home. More than one in five home workers is dissatisfied with the help they receive from their boss in creating a good home workplace.

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A quarter of all employees also want to work from home after corona

A good home workplace is important, because working from home seems to be here to stay even after the corona crisis. Almost a quarter of all employees want to continue working from home for a large part, even once the corona crisis is under control, TNO reported in February after a survey among more than 10,000 workers.

According to the institute, about half (48 percent) of the employees performed their work at home at the end of last year because of the corona measures, slightly more than TNO estimated in the summer of 2020, when it was 45 percent.

Of all employees who worked from home at the end of 2020, 35 percent did so completely and 14 percent alternated with working on location. One in seven who do not do all their work from home indicate that there is room for it. About half of this group says they go to the shop anyway because their employer wants to. The other half say they choose to do so themselves.

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Many home workers indicate that they like the new way of working, but 45 percent indicate that more resources are needed to realize a good home workplace. The vast majority (90 percent) of them spend at least six hours a day in front of a screen and they also spend a large part of their free time sitting, in both cases longer than was estimated by TNO last summer.

Many home workers indicate that they like the new way of working

According to the research institute, three in four home workers are currently satisfied with life. “Despite the not-ideal circumstances, working from home seems to be satisfying”, according to TNO.

Campaign must get workers off their seats

Because of all the working from home, people are sitting more.Research agency TNO previously established that home workers sit 7.1 hours during the Covid time during work and another 4.2 hours in their free time. In 2019, the same group still spent 6.6 hours at work and 3.3 hours at leisure.

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The Netherlands is even in the lead, in other countries they do better. And that while prolonged sitting can have serious health consequences, such as cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes and premature death. When sitting is combined with computer work there is also an increased risk of complaints of the arms, neck and shoulders.

The campaign entitled ‘Move every half hour. Take the step too!’ should make people more aware of all the dangers, but tips are also given. Vitality coach Olga Commandeur, behavioral scientist Ben Tiggelaar and professor of neuropsychology Erik Scherder have their say on a special campaign website. For example, Scherder explains what kind of “super good influence” exercise has on our physical household and in particular the metabolism.

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“It’s a good idea to interrupt sitting every half hour, for example by walking on the phone or grabbing a drink. But the most important thing is that people don’t have to look for interpretation, because it has become part of the work,” he says.

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