10-year-old Australian girl owns 2 ‘own’ businesses and could potentially retire at 15 – thanks to diligent mother

While still in primary school, Australian Pixie Curtis is on her way to retiring at the tender age of 15 – a millionaire. At least, that’s what her mother Roxy Jacenko says. He set up a toy company for the 10-year-old that is already making a lot of profit. After the launch of Pixie Fidgets in March last year, the toys sold out within 48 hours. In one month, the company had a turnover of approximately 130,000 euros.

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And it’s not even Pixie’s only venture. When she was a baby, her mother founded her accessory brand Pixie’s Bows for her. Both companies are now part of Pixie’s Pix, which also sells children’s games and school supplies. “Pixie’s Pix is ​​a family business. My mother Roxy is involved in product development, marketing and branding and my brother Hunty keeps an eye on the numbers. Of course I supervise to make sure everything runs smoothly – but my favorite activity is testing toys!” Pixie writes on the company’s website.

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Business is so good that mother Jacenko said late last year that Pixie “can retire at 15”, a statement that made international news. “In the family, we joke that I’ll work until I’m 100 and Pixie retires at 15 — I know who’s smarter,” Jacenko told News.com.au. She owns several successful companies, including Sweaty Betty PR. Pixie’s story has gained her many followers on social media, her Instagram account counts more than 100,000. She is still polite, caring, and grounded, her mother told News.com.au. “She has many dreams, including a house on the beach and a Lamborghini SUV in the garage. She will have to work longer and harder to get that, but she is well on her way,” Jacenko told the news site. Despite the success, her mother says she doesn’t want Pixie to feel that she has to work for the company. “From day one, I’ve said, the moment Pixie doesn’t want to be the face of Pixie’s Pix and Pixie’s Bows or be involved anymore, then we’ll look at it again. But at the moment she is happy and she is learning a lot,” said Jacenko. Read more about entrepreneurship:

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